Last Call For Style Bar


For five months, the owners of the Style Bar in Sag Harbor have requested that an application for a variance to legalize a second-story commercial space be adjourned to the following meeting, all the while continuing to operate their day spa through the busy summer season and into the fall.

Following a Sag Harbor Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on Tuesday, September 16, it appears the owners of the Style Bar, Ira and Perri Gurfein, will have to “fish or cut bait,” in the words of village zoning board chairman Michael Bromberg as the board voted that this month’s adjournment would be the last they would approve on the application.

The Style Bar, which is located on Bay Street, has been operating using a second story space partially for its business. In April, the Gurfein’s sought a variance from the board to avoid the required six off-street parking spaces required by the village code as a result of the use. But at that meeting, the board was more concerned that it appeared the business expanded into the second story without a building permit. At the meeting, the Gurfeins’ attorney Robert Marcincuk explained that the building’s certificate of occupancy allows for commercial use on the first floor, with residential uses on the second. However, in 2000, he added, after receiving permission from the building owner, the Gurfeins’ expanded their commercial use onto the second floor.

At the April meeting, the board requested the application be tabled so the village building inspector and code enforcement officer could be asked about the application, and if any improvements would be required to bring the second story space up to code.

However, since that April meeting, the application has not been heard as the Gurfeins have requested adjournment each month since. While allowing the Gurfeins another adjournment, the zoning board said this would be the last stay the board would allow in this matter. Next month, the case will have to be heard or dismissed.

“I think it’s a shame this business is allowed to remain open illegally while we adjourn this application,” stated board member Kathleen Radziewicz, although both Bromberg and village attorney Anthony Tohill cautioned it was too early to determine whether the Gurfeins were in fact operating any portion of the business illegally.