Sag Harbor Wonders, “Where’s Our Park?”


A screen shot of the petition started in support of the John Steinbeck Waterfront Park.

Something’s been bugging April Gornik lately. After more than 1,100 people signed a petition last year indicating their support for a publicly-owned waterfront park in Sag Harbor, and after the Sag Harbor Partnership raised a big chunk of money to hand over to the village to help develop such a park… Ms. Gornik thought to herself, “Where is our park?”

On Wednesday night, working on her own and not through any local organizations, she started an online petition that demands an answer to that question from local government officials.

The Express reported in June the talks between Southampton Town, which controls the Community Preservation Fund purse strings, and Greystone Property Development, the owner of the waterfront land, appeared to have stalled over the 1.25-acre parcel’s price tag and future development potential.

“We’re all puzzled as to why it seems to be stuck,” Ms. Gornik said in an interview Thursday. “I wish Southampton Town would be more helpful in making the park happen, given the will of the people and the support it has already garnered. I wanted to get a petition out there to get some answers from the Southampton Town Board. I think it’s time that we know.”

The petition, which had collected more than 70 signatures through Thursday afternoon, can be found at

— Christine Sampson

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