Sag Harbor Village Trustees Scale Back GFA Law


By Kathryn G. Menu

Sag Harbor Village officials unveiled a new gross floor area (GFA) law Friday afternoon, scaling back the legislation, which determines the size of a home based on its lot size.

The legislation, which was originally proposed in January, now states the gross floor area of a single-family residence cannot exceed 2,500 square feet on a 6,250 square foot lot. For lots 25,000 square feet and over, a home cannot exceed 4,000 square feet, and in between those numbers a sliding scale is proposed to determine the square footage of a residence. A special permit is available for those with a lot area of 25,000 square feet and above – approved or denied by the village board. If approved a homeowner could have a home as large as 7,000 square-feet.

As in all cases involving zoning, these restrictions can be appealed through the zoning board of appeals.

Within the GFA local law are a number of provisions altering the zoning code to give the Sag Harbor Village Historic Preservation & Architectural Review Board more concrete guidelines. Legislation has also been introduced regarding swimming pools, and where they can be built in the village.

A local law that created a affordable housing fee for larger homes in the village has been tabled.

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  1. Nothing like a short noticed 3.00 PM Friday afternoon meeting to encourage participation! Is this really the best we can do?

    I am however delighted to see that the affordable housing fee has been tabled. Affordable housing is no doubt an issue but it is a regional problem. It was never going to be solved by such an idiotic proposal which was terminally flawed from the beginning. Moreover, it was another example of our village attorney proposing legislation as opposed to serving and advising our elected board. It is high time that our village had more genetic diversity in the legal advice department!