Sag Harbor Village Pulls West Water Street One-Way Proposal

A view of West Water Street on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Christine Sampson photo

Sag Harbor Village has abandoned a plan to turn West Water Street into a one-way street following the big nor’easter that blew through the South Fork last week.

The storm lifted the bay so dramatically that it flooded Glover Street. If West Water Street was a one-way street, the flooding of Glover Street would have trapped Redwood residents, for whom Glover Street would have been their only way out of the neighborhood if they followed the law.

“It was Mother Nature, and that little tantrum she threw with all that rain,” Mayor Sandra Schroeder said Monday. “We couldn’t take the chance.”

Dee Yardley, Sag Harbor’s director of public works, said Glover Street was “flooded all the way across, like it has done for the last 75 years.”

“That actually put a dent in the program of running West Water Street one way,” Mr. Yardley said. “You’ve got to be able to give people two ways to get in and out. It was a good idea, but it’s not going to work.”

Village officials said in February they were considering the change to West Water Street in order to maximize parking in the area, and scheduled a public hearing to further discuss the change. That hearing — which had been planned for the day the storm happened to arrive — was canceled the day after the storm, with Mayor Schroeder saying during Wednesday’s village board meeting that the flooding had revealed the major pitfall of the plan.

She said the village is still looking for ways to increase parking in that area, and is working with a consultant to accomplish that.

“It’s so wide in some parts, and awkward in other parts,” she said of West Water Street. “We decided that a professional would decide it better than us.”