Sag Harbor Village Board Adopts $10.9 Million Budget


The Sag Harbor Board of Trustees on Tuesday adopted a $10.9 million budget that includes a one-cent decrease in the village’s tax rate, from $2.73 to $2.72 per $1,000 of assessed value.

As an example, according to a summary provided by the village, on a house assessed at $795,000, taxes would drop from $2,177 to $2,165, or about $12. The final 2018-19 budget — which rose slightly from the figure of $10.73 million presented at the previous budget meeting — represents a 5.5-percent increase in spending year-over-year and adheres to the state’s cap on tax levy increases.

Shortly before the village board adopted the budget, resident Jeff Peters implored the board to restore all or some of the $10,000 in funding for youth programs that had been cut from the current year’s budget. Mayor Sandra Schroeder said the board had received legal advice that it could not continue funding that program, among them the Sag Harbor Youth Resource Center, which is no longer running the Youth Advocacy Resource Development program at Pierson Middle-High School. Just $500 remains in the budget for youth programs.

Village officials credited Ms. Tuohy with doing a fine job preparing the budget, shortly before they accepted Ms. Tuohy’s resignation from her post in Sag Harbor, which she has held since 2006. She will become the treasurer in North Haven Village.

“Eileen has done such a great job guiding us through the budgeting process over the years,” trustee Ken O’Donnell said.