Sag Harbor School District to Offer Shuttle Service to Pierson on Saturday

Children arrive at Sag Harbor Elementary School at the start of the school day on the morning of Tuesday, 12/18/12. Michael Heller photo

With a daytime performance of Shrek: The Musical, and several athletic events, scheduled for today at Pierson Middle-High School, the school district announced Saturday morning that it would offer shuttle service to the school from Sag Harbor Elementary School on Hampton Street. The decision was made, said Superintendent Katy Graves, to ensure families and students could get to the school safely, given that parking is expected to fill up in the Jermain Avenue lots. The shuttle service will run every 15 minutes beginning at 11:45 and ending at 7:45 p.m.

.A custodian will be posted in the parking lot to ensure safety, said Ms. Graves.