Sag Harbor School Bus Parking Lot Lights To Be Dimmed

The main entrance to Pierson Middle-High School.

By Christine Sampson

Residents living near the school bus parking lot behind Pierson Middle-High School can expect a handful of logistical changes to the lighting of the lot — changes that administrators say will benefit both the neighborhood and the bus drivers.

School maintenance crew leader Marcus DaSilva said Tuesday the wattage of the lights will be dialed down from 100 percent to 45 or 50 percent. As a result, they won’t be as bright, he said. That will also extend the battery life of the solar lights, he said, which in turn will allow the lot to be lit longer hours for the bus drivers to return after late-evening runs and still maneuver safely in the lot.

Mr. DaSilva said the poles will also soon have shields installed to focus the light downward into the lot, instead of allowing it to project in all directions.

The changes are expected in the next few weeks as the parts come in.

“It will also make our neighbors much happier because it won’t be that ‘Broadway’ lighting,” Sag Harbor superintendent Katy Graves said during Monday’s school board meeting.