Sag Harbor, Sagaponack Schools Looking to ‘Car Pool’


In a move expected to bring more money into school district coffers, the Sag Harbor School Board on Monday signed a contract with the Sagaponack Common School District to bus its students to school this year.

Sagaponack, which was expected to sign the agreement Wednesday night after press time, would pay Sag Harbor $136,000 for a one-year, kindergarten-through-12th grade contract that can be renewed next July if both districts find the agreement beneficial.

“We were approached by the district,” Sag Harbor Superintendent Katy Graves said Wednesday. “We let them know that model would be sustainable for us and we came in at the right price point for them.”

Sag Harbor takes the place of the McCoy Bus Company as Sagaponack’s transportation provider. McCoy, along with Montauk Student Transportation, another school bus provider, sued the Sag Harbor School District and the Wainscott Common School District in 2016 for entering into an agreement similar to the one Sag Harbor has just signed with Sagaponack. A Suffolk County Supreme Court justice in February ruled in favor of the school districts. The two bus companies have appealed that decision.

“Parents have been doing this for years. When you’re driving down the road and going in the same direction, you car pool,” Ms. Graves said. “This is just a more advanced way of car pooling. That’s what our governor and commissioner of education are asking our school districts to do.”