Sag Harbor Post Office Plans Quicker System for Parcel Pick-Ups

Sag Harbor Postmaster Robert Brochu. Peter Boody photo

To speed the delivery of parcels to regular customers with postal boxes, the Sag Harbor Post Office will be installing 66 lock boxes in seven free-standings units later this winter under the windows along the north wall of the postal box lobby.

Postmaster Robert Brochu said the units were ordered last week and should arrive in six to eight weeks. Meanwhile, the lobby will be closed earlier than usual this Saturday, February 2 — at 1 instead of 3:30 p.m. — so he can have the floor cleaned before the lock boxes are delivered and set up.

Once the boxes are set up, “There will be a mutual benefit,” Mr. Brochu explained. Customers won’t have to wait in line with parcel cards delivered to their postal boxes in order to have a postal worker fetch their packages, he said. They will instead find a key in their post office boxes to the lock box containing their package, which they’ll retrieve on their own, leaving the key in the lock. An employee will later retrieve it to be handed out again.

Mr. Brochu, who started work in Sag Harbor on April 1 last year, proposed the lock-box system to the Postal Service’s district office in Melville, which approved it.