Sag Harbor Partnership Party Approved


By Christine Sampson

The Sag Harbor Partnership on Tuesday saw the Sag Harbor Village Board unanimously approve its permit for a July 8 party on Long Wharf, the day after Bay Street Theater’s gala.

In December, the board approved Bay Street’s use of Long Wharf for its gala by a 3-2 vote and established stipulations that the theater attempt to cut down on the amount of time Long Wharf is closed to parking as well as provide approximately 60 alternative parking spots and direct drivers to those spots. The board also told Bay Street in December its 2018 gala will likely be the last the board approves on the wharf.

“Everyone has worked very constructively to fit all these moving parts together,” said Village Trustee Jim Larocca.

“The window of impact from the event itself on Long Wharf has been reduced by two full days … and we’re just tinkering with some of the small details,” he added.

Bay Street executive director Tracy Mitchell said by email Wednesday her team is still working with its tent vendor to cut down the tent’s set-up time and is still trying to identify the parking spots.

“It’s not all finalized yet, as there are additional expenses to be incurred and details yet to work out, but we are going to make it work,” Ms. Mitchell said. “We are very grateful to the village trustees and Mayor [Sandra] Schroeder for understanding the importance of this date to us, so that Bay Street can continue to thrive year around, but also to continue to support all of the local organizations and not-for-profits who use our facility. Here’s hoping this final gala on the wharf will be the most successful yet.”

The tent, according to the Sag Harbor Partnership’s event application, is to be dismantled by 9 a.m. the day after the event. Susan Mead, the group’s treasurer, said Wednesday the village has asked the organization to also provide additional parking spaces for visitors, just as it had asked of Bay Street Theater. Ms. Mead also said the Sag Harbor Partnership will pay 20 percent more to have the tent taken down earlier than in past years.

The Sag Harbor Partnership is expected to name the beneficiary of its annual Long Wharf party in March, Ms. Mead said.

Ms. Schroeder, who voted “no” on Bay Street’s Long Wharf permit in December, voted “yes” on the partnership’s permit on Tuesday.

“I support Bay Street fully, but I also support the rest of our merchants and restaurants, and that is the busiest week of the summer. People are not going to shop or eat here if they can’t park,” Ms. Schroeder said Wednesday.