Sag Harbor Mayoral Candidate Profile: Dr. Robby Stein

Dr. Robby Stein.
Dr. Robby Stein.

Robby Stein, a psychotherapist, was appointed to the Sag Harbor Village Board by Mayor Brian Gilbride in 2009 and has been elected to three two-year terms since. He said he is running for mayor to address a number of big-picture issues facing the village.

As a trustee, he has served as the board’s liaison to most village departments and believes that his experience as director of a wing of a London hospital has prepared him for the village’s top job. He believes the village can increase efficiency—although he believes it has been understaffed in recent years—and improve communication between departments and would like to see it aggressively pursue grants and other revenue sources, such as maximizing the rental of moorings, to reduce the need for large tax increases to pay for future projects.

Key issues he would like to address:

*The development of a capital plan to pay for the maintenance of Long Wharf and other docks as well as a master plan to redevelop the waterfront with a series of connected parks and walking paths that would make the area more of a pedestrian-friendly destination.

*A villagewide drainage plan to reduce stormwater runoff and control flooding from major storms, which is an area he has dedicated a significant amount of time to studying during his time on the board.

*A concerted effort to maximize the available parking in the business district, as well as a long range goal to beautify the area surrounding the Meadow Street parking lot, which he could serve as more a village square than a simple back parking lot.

*The renovation of the Municipal Building so all four floors can be used, with the possibility that the top floor could be rented out as private office space to help pay for the job.

*A revamping of the village code to limit development, especially the construction oversized houses on small lots and the demolition of existing homes, especially in the historic district.



  1. Mr. Stein in his role as trustee, has the job of monitoring and reporting waterfront issues to the Village Board. He is expected to communicate with the Harbor Comm. and be an advocate of the Villages’s Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan, the often mentioned “LWRP”
    My understanding is that Mr. Stein is basically a no show at the Harbor Comm. meetings. As far as his familiarity and connection to the waterfront, there is none.

    During the “negotiations” to rent a portion of the old Exxon/Mobil lot I had contacted several trustees. Two of them accepted my phone call and were most polite and open. Mr. Stein on the other hand, asked why I thought I could call him kept telling me it was “inappropriate”. After a couple of minutes he hung up. Since I had never spoken to him before, and that he “represented the waterfront” to the Village Board, I thought it was perfectly appropriate.
    On another note, Mr. Stein is mistaken by thinking he can address the general budget woes with increasing revenues form the Village Waterfront fees. According to NYS Consolidated Laws referring to the incorporation of a Village and its subsequent creation of a “Self Perpetuating Improvement”, the slips and moorings; these funds are to be used solely for the purchase, maintenance and improvements of said Improvement.