Sag Harbor Historical Society’s ‘Annie’s Field Of Jack-o’-Lanterns’ Returns Friday

Sag Harbor Historical Society board member Bethany Deyermond arranges pumpkins at last year's "Annie's Field of Jack-o'-Lanterns community event at the Annie Cooper Boyd House. MICHAEL HELLER

The Sag Harbor Historical Society will once again hold “Annie’s Field of Jack-O’-Lanterns at its headquarters, the Annie Cooper Boyd House, on Friday, October 30, from 4 to 6 p.m.

As it did for last year’s inaugural event, the society is asking community members to bring their best carved pumpkin creation to the society’s headquarters for a pre-Halloween display along with a battery powered candle for illumination.

But with a very real goblin in the air in the form of the coronavirus pandemic, the society is planning a largely virtual event.

“We are not asking people to gather and stay,” said historical society board member Bethany Deyermond. “But we do want the jack-o’-lanterns to gather and stay.”

But she is hoping that those who donate pumpkins either walk or drive by after darkness settles in to enjoy their handiwork — and that of their friends and neighbors.

Due to the pandemic, activities, including folk songs performed by fellow historical society board member Nancy Remkus, and a scavenger hunt had to be canceled this year.
“We want to continue to build community and holiday spirit even during these times of pandemic and social distancing,” Ms. Deyermond said.

Another goal of the annual event is to raise awareness of the historical society and the Annie Cooper Boyd House, which is maintained as a museum. “Our focus is really on bringing families in to the Annie Cooper Boyd House,” Ms. Deyermond said. “So many people don’t know what that house is.”

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