Sag Harbor Gym Has Gone Tribal

Tribe Training at the Sag Harbor Gym on Thursday, 7/16/15
Amber Pagano’s TribeCORE Training class at the Sag Harbor Gym last Thursday. Heller photo

By Carrie Ann Salvi

Tribe Team Training is the newest workout trend and it’s now offered at the Sag Harbor Gym on Bay Street. Tribe came to the village after being a hit at another Hamptons Gym Corporation location in Southampton.

“I couldn’t do five pushups but after this I was doing 30, seriously,” said John Leonard, the Sag Harbor facility manager and cycling program director. He said on Thursday that he noticed a dramatic difference in his strength and physique. “You come in twice a week for six weeks for one hour,” he explained.

“It’s a commitment of a really small amount of time of your life to get the results that you get, because I’ll tell you, three weeks in I was shocked,” he said.

Tribe has a maximum of ten class members and three class choices: TribeCORE, TribeLIFE, and TribeFIT, which incorporates techniques used in Crossfit, a high-intensity workout initially used by police, firefighters, and military that has gained widespread popularity.

Mr. Leonard said they use the same equipment used in Crossfit, such as olympic bars, viper bars, rowers, and kettle bells. TribeFIT is said to be the class for those who seek ultimate fitness, speed, and strength. Personal times are recorded, and results, said to be obvious and lasting, are compared to previous weeks.

Amber Pagano, a personal trainer at the gym, was sold after taking TribeCORE for the first time. “I started to see my abs show,” she said, “It was very hard for me to achieve that before then.” Ms. Pagano began to teach TribeCORE classes at the gym after she received her Tribe team training certification in December. “The head director, Rebeca Penteado, approached me and asked if I wanted to be a trainer,” she said. “When Rebeca asks you to do something, it is an honor.”

“They are getting stronger as they go through the class,” said Ms. Pagano of her students after the 5:30 p.m. class on Thursday, the fifth of that six-week series. “They are perfecting their form,” she said, “everybody is doing such an amazing job for their first class.”

TribeFIT has a focus on the strengthening, toning, and flexibility of the back, abs, pelvis and shoulders. The class description boasts benefits that include pain-free movement, strong abdominals (abs), and a slimmer waistline. TribeLIFE, a lower-impact workout option is also available. It is said to be gentle on the joints, but still effective at decreasing fat, and increasing strength, energy, and cardio fitness.

“You don’t have to be a member, Ms. Pagano said, “you can just come in and take Tribe, but you don’t have gym access with that.” She also works at the front desk, and encourages anyone who is interested to stop in to inquire about memberships, which are available by the day, week, month, or year.

Tribe classes take place in the gym’s group fitness studio, but members also gain access to free weights as well as top-of-the-line treadmills, elliptical machines, upright and recumbent bicycles, cardio and cycling amphitheaters, and a yoga studio.

“Tribe has definitely helped me transform my body, most definitely,” said Nicole Martinez, 26, who lives and works in Sag Harbor. After living in the area her whole life, she said on Sunday, “I just started taking working out seriously.” She has been a member for a year, and she takes both CORE and FIT classes in addition to weight training.

“I cannot believe how much your body has changed in six months,” Mr. Leonard said he told her recently, “It’s amazing.”

Ms. Martinez said on Sunday that she likes the Crossfit aspects such as crunches with resistance bands. “The yellow and black TRX bands are super intense,” she said. “But it’s at your own pace,” she explained, “it’s never a competition with other people, it’s against you, what you are capable of doing.” She said that if she has trouble, she modifies her form or takes a lighter weight while still doing the exercises.

“I just wanted to get fit, I wanted to be healthy, and I wanted to show other people that you can do this,” Ms. Martinez said.

The cost for the six-week Tribe series is $199, and TribeFIT has an option for three times a week, for $299.

On the week of July 27, the gym will offer a free week of Tribe classes. “Anyone can try it out,” said Mr. Leonard, “If they love it, which most people do, they can sign up, and it’s like they are getting an extra week for free.”

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