Sag Harbor Cinema Sign To Light Up Memorial Day Weekend

The newly-renovated Sag Harbor Cinema sign was put on display at Twin Forks Moving and Storage last October. Michael Heller photo

The Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center announced this week that it would relight the iconic “Sag Harbor” sign in front of the Sag Harbor Cinema on Saturday, May 25 in a special ceremony that will be held at 8 p.m.

County, town and village officials are expected to be on hand for the ceremony with the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce encouraging local businesses to stay open late for the evening.

“Initially we were thinking we could wait until the Cinema opened to light the sign, but Memorial Day weekend felt like the perfect opportunity to celebrate not only the start of summer, but how far we have come on this journey,” Cinema Chair April Gornik said this week. “The building façade will soon be finished, thanks to our great crew from ConRac Construction. Thanks for the sign repair is due to our wonderful volunteer heroes: Twin Forks owner Chris Denon, metalworker John Battle, and neon artist Clayton Orehek, who have gone the distance to repair the sign for all of us for free. It would be wrong to withhold the sign from all the people in this community who have been so generous in getting us this far. We hope this re-inspires visitors and residents to help open the Sag Harbor Cinema Art Center this fall, free and clear of debt, fulfilling our promise to the community to bring the Cinema back.”

“Part of saving the Sag Harbor Cinema has always been to help keep Main Street intact, so we’re looking forward to celebrating this momentous occasion with Main Street merchants, Cinema Board Treasurer Susan Mead added.”

While construction is ongoing and the cinema board said its estimated 2019 opening is still expected, they said this week it is anticipated an additional $3 to $4 million in funding is needed before the cinema will be fully functional. The final round of fundraising will be put towards the expansion of the new third floor, seats for all three theaters, film and sound equipment, restoration of historic fixtures, café and concession equipment and supplies, computer equipment and salaries.