Sag Harbor BOE Talks Trees and Asks For Community Volunteers

The Sag Harbor Board of Education has asked for volunteers on several committees. Photo by Carrie Ann Salvi
The Sag Harbor Board of Education has asked for volunteers on several committees. Photo by Carrie Ann Salvi

By Carrie Ann Salvi

The Sag Harbor School Board has invited members of the community with specific knowledge and interests to volunteer their service on various volunteer committees, whose charters, including mission, skills, responsibilities and conflicts of interest, can be reviewed on the Board of Education section of the school’s website,

Letters of intent should be sent to the school at 200 Jermain Avenue or emailed to the district clerk at by September 15.

Those who wish to have a say can dig into duties such as those for the Athletic Committee that include “supporting the personal and academic well-being of all student athletes, and not just the athletic well-being…” or the Communications Committee, which makes sure “that the Sag Harbor School District improves its communication…”

Participation is also requested on the Community Coalition Committee, whose mission is to prevent alcohol and drug abuse through education, and activities that promote healthy choices and positive lifestyles. The Nutrition/Wellness/Health and Safety Committee is also seeking members, as is the Wall of Honor Committee, for awards that parallel National Honor Society criteria, including leadership, service and character.

The Educational Facilities Planning Committee’s focus ranges from routine maintenance to capital project recommendations including facility needs related to education, and it also seeks members. Those involved in that committee may have the opportunity to weigh in on a potential purchase Stella Maris School, which was discussed this week in the board’s executive session when the board met with architects for feedback on a recently received appraisal.

Eric Bramoff, who is now in charge of looking after the district’s facilities in addition to serving as the school athletic director, said he has met with four arborists and has detailed reports for the next facilities meeting, where a decision will be made on a tree management program.

The project was deemed important after a large tree fell during an August 4 storm. Since then, trees that need replacement or care have been evaluated by “arborists not in the business of taking down trees, but caring for them,” said Superintendent Katy Graves. She said it is “important work” to protect trees during this season of high winds, and during upcoming construction.

Joe Markowski, the district’s former supervisor of grounds, was at the meeting and offered to assist with his extensive knowledge of the history of the property’s trees. Jennifer Buscemi, the School Business Administrator, said the district needs a long-term plan and should set aside money to remove and replenish trees.

“Trees are a sacred part of our facility,” said Vice President Chris Tice, who added that the number one priority should be the safety of the students, staff and community.