Sag Harbor Art Teacher Creates Community Around Knitting

Ana Eads-Fee learns how to knit during a recent lesson in Gary Osborne’s art class at Sag Harbor Elementary School. Photo courtesy of the Sag Harbor School District

Sag Harbor Elementary students in teacher Gary Osborne’s art classes have been learning and practicing the classic, hands-on folk art of knitting. The students have been knitting “chickens” that will be on display at the Guild Hall Student Art Show. According to Mr. Osborne, knitting teaches math skills, history, reading and understanding patterns and instructions, practicing motor skills and solving problems. Additionally, several students’ mothers have joined the class to learn or assist with the knitting lessons along the way. Mr. Osborne said it also ties into the school’s “Community by the Sea and Beyond” theme for the current school year.

“I want to have the students understand what community is without defining it, but practicing it,” he said in an email. “This gave me the idea to have parents come in and help me teach the children how to knit. … This is truly a way of creating a little classroom knitting community and sharing our learning together, especially bringing in the child’s parent.”