Sag Harbor App Recognizes Women



The Sag Harbor Partnership, which last summer launched its Sag Harbor Walking Tours App, has added another tour, this one recognizing outstanding women in Sag Harbor’s history—both locally and nationally.

“‘Women of Sag Harbor’ invites you to time-travel from the 1800s to the present, watching the changing roles of women in our society, and celebrating the inventiveness, courage, and brilliance of the women here represented,” the introduction states. “In small and large towns in America, it is often women who are the principal keepers of their shared past and the preservers of their history, and Sag Harbor is no exception. From the Ladies’ Village Improvement Societies to the historical societies, they know how to propel culture forward and respect the past, and it is to them that this tour is dedicated.”

The partnership has taken special interest in the accomplishments of Nancy Boyd Willey, who played a major role in the preservation of the Long Pond Green Belt, Barcelona Neck and the creation of Sag Harbor’s first historic district. Ms. Willey was honored by the creation of a gateway park along the Bridgehampton-
Sag Harbor Turnpike on the south side of Sag Harbor Village.

The creation of the park was championed by former Sag Harbor resident Patricia Ciccariello, who gave a $1,000 gift to the LVIS to plant flowers and has called on other residents to take up the cause. The partnership called Ms. Ciccariello “long one of the most hard-working and under-acknowledged residents of Sag Harbor.”

The Sag Harbor Walking Tour App can be downloaded from either Apple or Google.