Sag Harbor Adopts New Chicken Law


After no protests, the Sag Harbor Board of Trustees passed the newest version of a law allowing residents to keep chickens on their properties Tuesday night.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Mayor Gilbride.

Last year, the village board passed its first law allowing people to keep chickens — no roosters — on residential properties. However, after what Sag Harbor Village Attorney Fred W. Thiele, Jr. called “a difference of opinion within the building department” over whether or not the law required a minimum lot size — something the village board did not intend — the board agreed to clarify the law.

The village chicken law now allows residents to keep one chicken per 3,500 square-feet of lot area. This paves the way for Grand Street resident Mare Dianora to re-apply to the village planning board to have three chickens on her property.

“So this application should move forward without anyone’s feathers getting ruffled,” joked Thiele.

The village board also adopted a law on Tuesday night that prohibits cars from crossing Jermain Avenue and entering Main Street while exiting Mashashimuet Park. According to Mayor Gilbride, it was an unwritten rule that now is codified for safety’s sake. The board also passed a law formally prohibiting residents from draining their pools into the roadway in any fashion, a practice that is already against state law.

Lastly, the village board is considering a new law to define the jurisdiction of the Sag Harbor Historic Preservation and Architectural Review Board (ARB). According to Thiele, the law again came out of a disagreement within the building department about how far the ARB’s jurisdiction extends past the historic district.

Thiele and village attorney Denise Schoen drafted what they believe is a compromise — a law that gives the ARB jurisdiction over everything in the historic district, but only applications requiring site plan review outside of the historic district.

The board decided to sit on the law in the hopes of receiving public comment on the subject.

The next village board meeting will be held on August 14 at 6 p.m.