Safer Bike Routes Through Village


Sinead Fitzgibbon, a member of the cyclist advocacy group Spokes People, presented the Sag Harbor village board on Tuesday evening with a map developed by village police chief Tom Fabiano outlining bike routes connecting cycling lanes in Southampton and East Hampton to new lanes in the Village of Sag Harbor.

Conceptually, the new lanes will be outlined with a shared marking lane, or sharrow, which would identify bike paths for cyclists. The new lanes would connect with Route 114 in East Hampton, bring cyclists down Hempstead Street to Bay Street, reconnecting with Route 114 outside of the village business district. On the Southampton side, cyclists would come down off the L/Cpl Jordan Haerter Veterans Memorial Bridge turning right on Long Island Avenue. From there cyclists could either connect with Glover Street meeting the Sag Harbor-Bridgehampton Turnpike — where Fitzgibbon said another bike path was imminent — or take Long Island Avenue to Bridge Street connecting to Madison and Main streets just past the center of the village.

Chief Fabiano, who helped Fitzgibbon design the safe biking routes, joined the board of trustees in opposing any bike routes down Main Street in the center of the village business district.

According to Fitzgibbon, the New York State Department of Transportation has yet to approve sharrows as appropriate markings for roadways, but she has been assured by Congressman Tim Bishop that the federal government will do so shortly and the state will likely follow.

Chief Fabiano will seek the opinion of traffic consultants Dunn Engineering on the sharrows and said additional signage will be necessary to educate cyclists on the proper bike paths.



  1. “… or take Long Island Avenue to Bridge Street connecting to Madison and Main streets just past the center of the village.” Will the village enforce this rouet over the current one from south hampton wherein a cyclist can simply come down off the bridge headed eastbound and stay on 114? Making cyclists go thru a dangerous obsticale course of stop signs and turns sounds like a little foolish and could put bikers in harms way…