Romany Kramoris Gallery Opens Group Art Show on Saturday

In the Company of Love 3’ x 5’ Mixed Media on Wood - Jennifer Levine
Hampton Dunes 34” x 24” Mixed Media - Berges Alvarez.
Hampton Dunes 34” x 24” Mixed Media – Berges Alvarez.

The Romany Kramoris Gallery on Main Street in Sag Harbor will open a group show featuring the work of Lianne Alcon, Casey Chalem Anderson, Jennifer Levine, Berges Alvarez, Sherry Pollack Walker and Martha McAleer on Saturday, April 16 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. The show will run through May 5.

Berges Alvarez’s artwork softly speak about our contemporary techno-digital environment. This social work reflects a natural world that allows communication between the plastic recycled modernism we’ve created and the delicate yet silently present, natural consciousness. Abundant, dramatic, silent melancholy, symbolic practicality in the use of recycled man- made reflective materials to create these panoramas fascinates and involves the beauty found within the frayed edges and torn materials forgotten in our modern day throwaway society.

View from the Bridge 24” x 24” Oil on Wood - Casey Chalem Anderson.
View from the Bridge 24” x 24” Oil on Wood – Casey Chalem Anderson.

Casey Chalem Anderson creates oil paintings of and inspired by the Hamptons landscape and its natural forms. The artist splits her time between Sag Harbor and New York City, immersing herself in both natural and urban artistic worlds. Ms. Chalem Anderson can often be found at the beach, observing the changes in time, color, and weather, which manifest on her canvases as a balance between tranquility and visual stimulation. Her newest works are an abstract series that use the colors of her Hamptons palette in novel, abstract forms that connect, but also inform, her realist work.

Lianne Alcon, a native of Spain who lives in Sag Harbor, is an expressionistic painter who paints images viewed by an experienced, discerning eye for the essential. Yet her painting style is loose—in contrast to her disciplined approach—and it frequently incorporates swirling strokes and liberal use of her brushes. Alcon uses that contrasting perception and expression—whether painting flamenco dancers or sceneries from Spain, both favorite subjects—to uniquely capture their spirit.

Martha McAleer sees the world as a moving painting with a fascination of nature and its mechanics. She sees the world at large in black and white but when she paints it becomes vibrant with color.

Martha McAleer - Dune Road - 36 x 36 - mixed media.
Martha McAleer – Dune Road – 36 x 36 – mixed media.

“I adored Georgia O’Keefe’s work and was inspired to create my own style and began painting and selling very large colorful florals. I love to paint just large enough for the painting to consume my field of vision,” says Ms. McAleer. “Today I work primarily on canvas with acrylic paint and plaster. I build my paintings systematically as a sculptor of architecture.”

Jennifer Levine and Sherry Pollock Walker’s work will also be featured in the show.

The Romany Kramoris Gallery is located at 41 Main Street in Sag Harbor. For more information, call (631) 725-2499 or visit