Required Renewal for Beach Permits up for Hearing in East Hampton

East Hampton Town Hall

The East Hampton Town Board is expected to pass a resolution at its Thursday, February 21, meeting to hold a public hearing during its March 7 session on legislation that would require town residents to obtain new beach parking permit stickers every five years. Residents who obtain beach driving permits for their trucks and SUVs would also be required to renew their permits under the law.

Currently, in East Hampton Town, residents are not required to renew parking or beach driving permits — they are attached to a resident’s car registration and license. In Southampton Town, both resident parking and beach driving permits and stickers are issued on an annual basis. East Hampton Village also has an annual permit schedule.

If adopted by the town board, permits will continue to be free to residents, who will be required to renew their permits any year that ends in a zero or a five. If adopted, the new law will go into effect for town residents in East Hampton this summer with existing permit holders required to renew in 2020.

During a town board work session in Montauk on February 12, assistant town attorney Jameson McWilliams noted that non-resident beach parking permits will still be available on an annual basis for $375, under the current draft, and that hotel and motel owners will still be able to purchase one transferable permit per unit for transient guests for $75 per permit.

Given that many hotel and motel owners sell those permits to their guests for a fee, Ms. McWilliams said the legislation does ask the managers to provide information to the town about how much they charge guests for those permits. During the February 12 work session, Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez said the board consider increasing that fee and should look at the fee schedule as a whole. Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc suggested the board move forward to changes in the law first before it looks at the fee schedule.

Supplemental family permits, for up to two family members related to a town resident by blood, are also available, for $75.

One point of contention during the work session on February 12 was how condominium owners — some units having more than one owner over the course of a year — should receive beach parking permits. During a work session on Tuesday, February 21, assistant town attorney Beth Baldwin updated the board with a new draft of the law, which allows condominium properties with more than four units the ability to obtain the commercial lodging facilities beach parking permit used by motels and hotels. However, the property will only be given one permit for each unit and if a condominium owner who is a resident obtains the free, resident beach sticker, that unit is no longer eligible for the other parking permit.

Renters of single- or multi-family homes are not eligible for resident or commercial lodging permits, but can purchase the non-resident parking sticker for the year.

The town board will hold its public hearing on the proposed changes at 6:30 p.m. at East Hampton Town Hall on Pantigo Road.