Republican Randy Altschuler Set to Speak This Thursday at East Hampton Chamber of Commerce Luncheon in Sag Harbor


Republican, Independence and Conservative Congressional candidate Randy Altschuler will speak at an East Hampton Chamber of Commerce luncheon today, September 20, at The American Hotel in Sag Harbor.

The luncheon will cost $50 and will feature Altschuler, who is facing off against Democratic Congressman Tim Bishop this November.

It will be the second race between Altschuler, a businessman who lives in St. James, and Bishop, a lifelong Southampton resident.



  1. We could sure use a man like Randy Altschuler representing us, the more I see of this guy, the more I like. Bishop’s scandals seem to be popping up all over, think we need to clean up congress, starting right here, right now. I encourage people to meet this fine young man, decide for yourself, and disregard what Tim Bishop wants you to think about Altschuler. I think once you meet him, you’ll see he’s honest, down to earth, well-educated, humble, and very smart.