Rave Salon in Noyac Expands to Feature a Makeup Bar

The new makeup bar at Rave in Noyac.
The new makeup bar at Rave in Noyac.
The new makeup bar at Rave in Noyac.

By Emily J. Weitz

Makeup has a certain power. Whether you’re getting ready for a once in a lifetime event, like a wedding or prom, or you’ve just had your confidence shaken, taking a moment to look yourself in the mirror and take care of yourself can be transformative on levels deeper than the surface.

As a mother of two young children who barely has time to glance in the mirror before she runs out the door, I felt luxurious settling into the chair to get my eye makeup done by Paige DePetris. She explained little tricks to play with eyeshadow and color to bring out the wideness of my eyes, a particularly welcome lesson when I’m going on no sleep. And it’s true: when you’ve spent a moment on yourself and you step outside knowing you look refreshed, it changes the way you walk in the world.

Cindy Capalbo has run Rave, a full service salon on Noyac Road for the past year, with five stylists on staff and two more about to join. She has a loyal clientele with whom a level of trust has been established. This is important in running any business, but when it comes to altering someone’s whole look, it’s critical.

“It’s important that your stylist really listens to what you want, and that they’re responding to that,” she said.

When the opportunity arose to expand her space, she decided a full service makeup bar was the answer. The salon always offered manicures, pedicures, and waxing in addition to a full menu of hair services, like perms, color treatments, blowouts and cuts.

“But makeup is a huge part of cosmetology,” said Capalbo, “and it isn’t really hit on out here.”

Ms. DePetris, who graduated from Pierson High School in 2014, has always loved doing makeup.

“I love how artistic I can be,” she said, “and I love that I can make someone happy.”

She always followed the latest makeup trends, spending time pouring over magazines to keep up with different looks and tricks. She would try them out on herself and then on her friends. It was fun, and also empowering.

“That empowerment is something I think everyone should feel,” she said.

Ms. Capalbo was thrilled to bring DePetris aboard.

“Paige brought talent to the table before,” she said. “She’s been doing it for so many years.”

Now, both women are enrolled in cosmetology school at BOCES in Riverhead. As the business owner, Ms. Capalbo has always focused on the business side of things, but she was always interested in learning the how-to herself.

“It was always a dream of mine to do hair and makeup,” she said. “So when the opportunity came up I decided to go back to school.”

This weekend Rave celebrates the grand opening of the makeup bar, which will give customers a chance to drop in and get pampered, and to walk out looking their best any time. All day Saturday, they’ll offer a promotion where anyone receiving a hair treatment of any kind will also get a free makeup application.

On the menu for makeup applications, there are three basic tiers of offerings. Ms. DePetris can do a simple but meticulous job for the everyday look, which starts at $25. If you’re going out for a night on the town, she might get a little more extravagant with the eyes or color. And the third tier is for a special event like a wedding or prom. The more time and product it takes, the more it will cost. Appointments can be set up in advance, and Paige will also have regular hours for drop ins.

Rave has also opened themselves up as a bit of a community center, with classes in things like essential oils. They plan to extend this to makeup classes, where groups of women or girls can come together and learn some tricks and play around on each other.

“These days people can learn on YouTube,” said Ms. Capalbo, “but there’s nothing like sitting with a person who looks at your face and helps you understand how to make the most of your look.”

Rave Salon is located at 3327 Noyac Road. For appointments call 725-0948.