Qigong Grandmaster Coming to Amagansett

The well-known Chinese healer and qigong grandmaster Ou Wen Wei.
The well-known Chinese healer and qigong grandmaster Ou Wen Wei.

By Rachel Bosworth

Breath, movement, and the mind come together in the holistic practice of qigong. Translating to “life energy cultivation,” this ancient practice can be used as martial, medical, or spiritual, though all involve a focus on posture, breathing techniques, and mental focus. A well-known Chinese healer and qigong grandmaster, Ou Wen Wei, developed a specialized form of this practice called Pangu Shengong, and both are coming to Amagansett this weekend.

Sandra Geehring Foster, owner and operator of SGF Acupuncture in Amagansett, has been collaborating with Master Ou for the last five years. “Master Ou is a world-renowned qigong master, and it is a huge honor to have him come to Amagansett,” she says. “After hosting several successful events with Master Ou, I wanted to share this experience with more people. I reached out to Jolie Parcher, the owner of Mandala Yoga, who wanted to bring qigong to the studio.”

This Saturday, October 28, Mandala Yoga Center for the Healing Arts will host Master Ou for special sessions including a general group healing designed to aid those with health and well-being concerns through a short discussion on Pangu Shengong and its benefits. During the lecture, Master Ou typically emits a healing qi toward the group, and following the lecture, he sends out a more directed energy through healing chants, poetry, and music.

“Pangu Shengong is physically simple and easy to learn in a short time, becomes effective quickly, does not require meditation in its performance;” Master Ou says in his book, Pan Gu Mystical Qigong. “There is no need to concentrate and no restrictions, and it remains free from any factional ideology or school.”

Other events on Saturday are The Moving Form in which the basis of Pangu Shengong is practiced in an exercise that cultivates qi, promotes health, balance, and a sense of well-being. A Healing Technique class and Nonmoving Form class follow, with the foundation classes serving as a prerequisite to these two.

Sharing that stress can have an effect on the immune system and cause a variety of health issues like insomnia, anxiety, depression, and autoimmune issues, Ms. Foster says Pangu Shengong offers a way to correct these problems. “[It] increases the functioning of the immune system so it can repair and heal the body of illnesses,” she explains. “It also improves one’s sleep, reduces anxiety and helps to relieve the body of stress physically and mentally, like nothing I have experienced.”

Private healing lessons will be available at SFG Acupuncture on Friday, October 27, and Sports Therapy in Amagansett will offer a series of classes on Sunday, October 29 including a group healing and one-on-one with Master Ou, Intuition Development, Advanced Condensed Form, and The Path of Life Class. Master Ou will also be available on Monday, October 30 for additional private healing sessions.

Ms. Foster herself had first been introduced to Pangu Shengong by a friend in 2000. She began practicing regularly, and shares that she experienced positive changes in every aspect of her life. “My health improved greatly and I noticed I was calmer, happier and my energy level increased,” Ms. Foster explains. “As an acupuncturist, Pangu Shengong has enhanced my ability to successfully treat patients and have long-term positive outcomes. I am grateful to have Pangu Shengong in my life and I want to share this powerful healing form of qigong with as many people as possible.”


The positive effects from regular practice on Pangu Shengong are said to include balance, harmony, and peace of mind, strengthening of the immune system, increased well-being, happiness and inexhaustible vitality.

A message Master Ou imparts to readers and those he works with in the practice is: “I wish good health to all people in the world. I wish for all people in the world to be friendly and kind! I hold: in realizing my best wishes, the miraculous but real qigong will bring new hope and a feasible and practical method.”


The weekend’s events range from $50 to 150 per course, and can be registered for directly through the event locations; SGF Acupuncture, Mandala Yoga Center for Healing Arts, and Sports Therapy, all in Amagansett. More information can be found online at pangu.org.