Pyramid-Shaped House Proposed for Terry Drive Lot

The lot at 11 Terry Drive in Sag Harbor's Azurest community. Christine Sampson photo

Members of Sag Harbor’s Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review on Thursday compared the shape of a proposed house at 11 Terry Drive to a modern-day Egyptian pyramid and requested color renderings to get a better sense of its aesthetics.

Designed as a two-story, 2,500-square-foot house with steep angles to its second-story walls and triangular windows in some places, the house would actually peak with a flat top, intended to be a roof deck, according to Brian DeSesa, the attorney representing the project.

The discussion hit a snag when the board pointed out the roof deck’s railing caused the house to exceed the 25-foot height limit for flat-roofed houses. It is a new limit imposed by the village in January, down from 35 feet.

“The house was specifically designed to fit into all current zoning requirements,” said Mr. DeSesa, noting the project would first have to gain approval from the Harbor Committee. He also described plans for an efficient, low-nitrogen septic system.

The waterfront house, owned by 11 Terry Holdings LLC with Manhattan developer Bruce Bronster as one of its managers, would be built on what is the last vacant residential lot on Terry Drive. The lot is just down the road from 47 Terry Drive, where a somewhat controversial building project drew the attention of many neighbors at the most recent Zoning Board of Appeals meeting. The lot is in the Azurest neighborhood, a community that has been under significant development pressure, and is next to the homeowners’ association beach parking lot.

Renee Simons, a resident of Sag Harbor Hills, briefly questioned whether 11 Terry Drive was a “buildable lot” for that reason and also because of a supposedly high water table on the lot.

“That property was grandfathered in to the owners who were adjacent,” she said. “This goes back to old approvals, 20-plus years. It was grandfathered for the family if they chose to expand, but it was not to be sold.”

Mr. DeSesa responded by saying the house retains a Suffolk County Tax Map identification number and the Suffolk County Department of Health had issued a permit following the test well process, making 11 Terry Drive a viable lot.

A rough rendering of the proposed house at 11 Terry Drive. Courtesy image