Psychic ‘Sees’ All in Sag Harbor

Christiana McMahon, an intuitive medium from Southampton, recorded her WPPB radio show in Sag Harbor. Photo by Carrie Ann Salvi
Christiana McMahon, an intuitive medium from Southampton, recorded her WPPB radio show in Sag Harbor. Photo by Carrie Ann Salvi

By Carrie Ann Salvi

“It’s nice to come on location with people that have never been exposed to psychics,” said Christiana McMahon, an intuitive medium based out of Southampton and New York City. She was at Sag Harbor’s Long Wharf Friday offering complimentary on-air readings to guests on the deck of Harlow East restaurant. She said her gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience are used daily, and she offers her intuition weekly to a live audience via her radio show on WPPB radio.

Ms. McMahon has a faithful following of callers to her Second Sight Show, and she likes to occasionally take the show on the road, or in this case on the water, to give guidance while enjoying a cocktail in an appealing atmosphere. In the off-season, she has recorded the show on site at The American Hotel as well as The Maidstone in East Hampton. Second Sight is a two-woman-one-man-operation that includes the psychic, her co-host, Laura Mastandrea, and Kyle Lynch, the engineer, who said on Friday that it’s not too technically challenging to leave the Southampton studio. He said he enjoys seeing “how excited everyone gets when they realize there is a psychic around.”

There’s always a skeptic, and Friday was no different. Ms. McMahon thanked him and said, “Skeptics keep me on my toes.” This one had an investment question, as many do. “Love, sex, and money,” Ms. McMahon said are the topics she is asked about most often.

“Will I sell my building in October?” asked the man who decided to sit down for a reading. Ms. McMahon loves and requests specific questions. Her answer was just as direct. “It is not going to be October,” she said, “it will be a month later. There is a little delay, there is something that has to be worked out.”

“It could be some snags that you have to organize, but the person will be in place. You can call the show and let me know that I was right,” she added.

Christiana McMahon and her crew setup on the deck of Harlow East and offered complimentary readings to those who sat down for a visit. Photo by Carrie Ann Salvi

“I was not what he expected,” said the blue-eyed, blonde after the show. Ms. McMahon was wearing a hot pink, silk Versace dress and six-inch Manolo Blahnik heels. The men having lunch there were not the “typical men that would be fascinated,” she said, “but they were intrigued.” 

“I can smell people’s intentions,” she said on Sunday at Sunset Beach on Shelter Island, in response to one of the men attracted to her like a magnet. The Southern belle hails from Texas, where she first realized her gift as a child. She recalled hearing horses talking to each other, and thinking that it was perfectly normal.

Ms. McMahon says she can see, hear, smell, and interpret symbols and messages to help others. “I give my spiritual spin on their situations,” she said.

She also incorporates astrology into her radio program and private readings. “See what the planets are doing,” she told her audience during Tuesday’s broadcast, “It does affect circumstances.” The current cosmic weather forecast involved Saturn, a planet that she said relates to one’s karma. “Saturn is pulling on our shadow stuff,” she said, “It makes people go deep and face their fears.” “Venus is going retrograde,” she said. “We love her, she rules the house of love and money.”

There is a high potential for old relationships and financial issues to resurface during retrograde cycles, in order for people to make peace with them, Ms. McMahon said. Her private practice often validates planetary trends when her phone rings excessively during intense astrological cycles, she said.

One of those old relationship issues presented itself on the deck when a young girl asked, “I am curious about guys. When is the right one going to come?”

“There is somebody from your past that you are disappointed about,” Ms. McMahon said, “You got really hurt, I can see that.”

“I see that this person was not really honest,” she told her, adding, “He was conflicted, it was not personal. I want to say ‘It wasn’t you,’” she said. 

“Someone new will be coming in the next few months,” said Ms. McMahon. “I don’t have his phone number,” she said, “but I would really work on making peace with what happened in the past.” The young lady responded, “That was really good, thank you,” and asked to take her picture.

“Will I be married within the year?” was another specific question with an answer that surprised the psychic herself. “You are going to be asked in the next three months,” said Ms. McMahon. “It will be a very fast relationship.” She said she was not certain if the man was someone she already knew but told her, “Just go for it.”

“She is fantastic, she has been spot on with several things in my life,” said Michelle Niles of Southampton. She said she met Ms. McMahon at a gathering seven or eight years ago and “everything came true, so I called her and had my own party.”  “Here I am,” she said, “still a groupie.”

“I see every single week how it helps people,” said Ms. Mastandrea, Second Sight Show’s co-host for over three years. Her background is in radio and TV production, and she said the two collaborate really well. “She’s a lot of fun and the show brings a lot of clarity and peace to people,” she said, “It’s nice to work around that.”  She said that sometimes people call to validate her insight, and to thank her for easing the pain by connecting them with loved ones who have died.

Each show has a topic and Friday’s (of which part one was aired on Tuesday) was “gratitude,” which Ms. McMahon said was appropriate because of how grateful she felt about the nice turnout in what she called “a primo location.” She told her audience, “Gratitude is a higher vibration. It is a wonderful way communicate to the angels, they really respond.”

Christiana McMahon’s Second Sight Show can be heard online at or on WPPB 88.3 FM every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.