Preiato Will Prep, and Deliver Curated Meals


Dan Prieato

By Natalie Brooks

Recently, meal delivery services have been increasing in popularity as people seek the comfort and nutrition of home cooked meals but don’t have the time to shop and prepare ingredients. Sag Harbor resident Daniel Preiato, with his BeElite Nutrition has taken this concept one step further, by providing meal preparation services with the goal of making affordable, nutritionally balanced meals easily accessible to the public.

Preiato first became interested in nutrition in high school when he noticed the positive impact of proper nutrition on his performance in sports. He graduated from New York University with a B.S. in Nutrition and Food Studies and is now a registered dietitian/nutritionist, working at The Hamptons Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing in Southampton. Although originally focused primarily on sports nutrition, he has recently begun to work with the general population to promote nutrition education and help people to improve their health and lose weight. To supplement his practice as a nutritionist, Preiato recently started an online food delivery service,, where clients are able to select the meals they want from an online menu or customize their meal by selecting the ingredients. All meals are delivered to his clients’ door each week.

Preiato says that the meal delivery program is beneficial when used to supplement his nutrition counseling, and that many of his clients use his online meal preparation services to ensure that they don’t stray from the program. “A lot of my weight loss clients also need to improve their nutrition and it’s a lot easier to improve the foods they eat by providing them with the food they should eat in correct portion sizes. A lot of my clients do the two programs at the same time,” he said. Many people struggle to stick with a diet or nutrition plan because it is inconvenient to shop for groceries and cook with a busy schedule, and if people think of cooking as a chore or an annoyance it makes it difficult to fully commit to a program, he added. The meal preparation service offers an effective way to follow Preiato’s recommended nutrition program. “I can tell my clients all the nutrition information in the world, but if it doesn’t apply to their situation or isn’t practical for them it isn’t going to work,” says Preiato, “I try to take a more individual approach and work with their specific situation to get them the best results they can.”

Unlike other popular food delivery services, which tend to center around gourmet meals rather than health, BeElite Nutrition offers nutritious, high quality meals at an affordable price. “My meals are nutritionally balanced,” says Preiato, “I weigh all of the ingredients and carefully measure the amount of protein, carbs and fat. I pay really close attention to what’s going into the meal as opposed to similar delivery services.”

The program is also based on the client’s individual health needs. Preiato begins with an initial consultation that considers the client’s current diet and exercise levels. He then has the client fill out a three-day food log that enables Preiato to get a good idea of their current nutrition and helps develop a starting point. “I take a flexible approach and set small attainable goals. A lot of nutritionists give their clients a set meal plan that they give to everyone, but I base the meal plan on their specific needs.” Many of his clients are already seeing progress following this program. Preiato says, “It’s really inspiring to see the results that I’ve gotten with people. When I was first starting out I wasn’t sure what to expect but for the most part I’ve seen great results with clients improving general health, lowering cholesterol, losing weight, losing fat and attaining a better overall physique.”

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