Police in New Jersey Arrest Man Accused of Sag Harbor SUV Theft


South Orange Police in New Jersey arrested Daniel Amponsah, 28, of Columbus, Ohio on the morning of Wednesday, July 22, and charged him with a felony count of receiving stolen property in connection with the theft of a 2019 black Range Rover Land Rover, which was taken from a Lincoln Street, Sag Harbor driveway on July 20 around 4:54 a.m.

According to the arrest report, Chief Kyle Kroll conducted a random plate check from his unmarked vehicle on a black Range Rover parked on East Clark Place in South Orange that matched the description of a vehicle used by individuals checking car door handles in a different neighborhood the day before. After running the plate, it was revealed that the vehicle was the same Land Rover reported stolen to Sag Harbor Village Police on July 20. A resident of Lincoln Street called village police after discovering his vehicle was missing around 7:18 a.m. According to Sag Harbor Village Police Chief Austin J. McGuire, the key fob had been left in the vehicle overnight. Earlier this week, he urged residents to lock their vehicles, remember to remove their keys and report any suspicious activity to police.

Chief Kroll called in backup, with police performing surveillance on the vehicle from a distance when a white Mercedes Benz with New Jersey registration pulled behind the Range Rover. According to police, a male wearing all black got into the vehicle with both the Mercedes and Range Rover driving off down East Clark Street. Police positioned themselves on either side of the Range Rover with a detective exiting his vehicle at which point police said the white Mercedes took off at a high rate of speed nearly hitting the officer. Police drove the vehicles bumper to bumper against the Range Rover and after asking Mr. Amponsah to exit the vehicle without success removed him from the SUV without incident, said police.

Police said during a search they located $5,520 in cash in Mr. Amponsah’s wallet. They escorted the Range Rover back to police headquarters.