Planning Board Advises Zoning Board on Dock House Issue

The Dock House, located on Long Wharf, is hoping to legalize existing seating and obtain a variance for the associated parking requirements. Christine Sampson photo

During its May 15 meeting, the Sag Harbor Zoning Board of Appeals referred the Dock House’s parking variance request to the planning board for advice, and on Tuesday, the planning board was generally agreeable to the Dock House’s request.

The Dock House, which was cited with a violation last summer for having more seats than its certificate of occupancy officially permits, also went before the ZBA last week to legalize 12 seats on top of the six seats it is already allowed to have. It therefore sought relief from the three parking spaces that the village would have required with the addition of 12 seats in the fish market. Currently, village code requires restaurants to provide one parking space for every four seats.

Because the Dock House has had about 18 seats “for the last 20 years or so,” board chairman Gregory Ferraris said, and because it sits in the middle of one of the largest municipal parking lots in the village, the board was generally agreeable to the parking variance request.

“It’s easy enough,” board member Neil Slevin said.

“I wouldn’t have any negative comments,” Mr. Ferraris added.

The board voted unanimously to draft a letter to the ZBA stating it found no fault with the Dock House’s parking request.