Pizza Anyone?


The Sag Harbor Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review Board this week mercifully put an end to the saga of the Harbor Market and Kitchen when it approved plans to screen rooftop heating and ventilation equipment, after giving lawyers for both sides an opportunity state their cases one more time.

Sag Harbor residents know the market, which opened without a certificate of occupancy last spring, has been caught up in a contentious review process since the beginning of the year.

Jeffrey Bragman, the East Hampton attorney representing neighbors opposed to the market’s renovations, who lost his effort to convince the board to reopen the review of that nettlesome equipment, said afterward he wished the ARB had at the minimum chastised the market’s owners for failing to be totally transparent in their application.

Doing so would put other applicants on notice that the village will not be a pushover in the future, he argued. Perhaps. But it seems the hefty bills for legal and other professional bills the business incurred during the process will serve as a deterrent to others coming down the pike. And it seems that the village, reinvigorated in its effort to slow down the review process and take a more careful look at the applications before it, will be up to the task.

At least we hope so.