Pierson’s Independent Athletes Compete With Other Local Schools



Pierson High School Junior Yves Bourel, has been swimming for the YMCA’s team, the Hurricanes, for a few years, but this season he swam independently for the East Hampton High School team as well. Before attending Pierson High School, Bourel swam independently for McGann-Mercy High School. This year, he competed independently along side 11 others from East Hampton High School, not as a team, but as individual competitors. Now his coach, Tom Cohill, says that Bourel has been working hard to beat his best times in the 50 and 100 freestyle.

“He has been doing well this season,” coach Cohill said of Bourel, whom he has worked with for a number of years.

“He swims strong,” the coach said, “and he swings around well.” He said that Bourel tends to be more of a “sprinter” in terms of his swimming.

Bourel said that he believes he is swimming well, but he is hoping there might be a full swim team next year. He swam seven days a week this season, attending practices Monday through Friday for the high school and devoting his Saturdays and Sundays to the Hurricane team.

“With the high school team he often gets to choose which events he does,” Cohill said, “but with the Hurricanes he does more races that he isn’t accustomed to doing.” Last week, the coach said that although Bourel was a bit nervous about competing in the individual medley, “he got up and did the best he could.”

“Since this is the first year of the program I have some expectations and I have some ideas to build the program,” said Cohill.

“I think they are doing well,” the coach said of all 12 swimmers. “Right now it’s more about building a program and getting kids that have never swam before. In the future they will improve very nicely.”


Boys Track

The Pierson boy’s winter track students competed independently for the Ross School this season. It was the first time the school conducted a winter track season.

“In general the season was a moderate success,” Coach Jim Kinnier said, “we could not practice on a track, so that made it difficult.” Kinnier added that the kids were able to practice in Southampton on their track a few times throughout the season.

On Monday, the Small Schools County Championship was held at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood where Kinnier said he noticed improvements with all the boys, although he didn’t have any winners or placers.

Pierson junior Stephen Early ran the 55-meter, the 300-meter  and was the leader in the 800-meter relay. The four runners in the relay qualified for the championship and ran their best of 1:57.6 seconds.

Another Pierson Junior, Mike Remkus also ran his best on Monday in the 55-meter race in 8.7 seconds. Remkus also ran the 600-meter in 2:14.

Pierson freshman, Peter Skerys, also ran in the relay team on Monday. Skerys ran the 1000-meter and the 1600-meter race that day as well. At the championship, Skerys ran his best time during the 1000-meter race at 3:23.9, which was an improvement of 13 seconds.


Girl’s Track

This year, the girl’s winter track season was short, according to Coach Yanina Cuesta.

It was a mix of the bad weather, illness and prior commitments, according to the coach.

Olivia Broich, a junior, has been doing well, said Cuesta. She competed in the 600-meter all season and “started strong.”

“She never placed within the meets but finished with a season’s best of 2:11:05,” Cuesta reported.

Sophomore Jessica Warne, was new to the team this season and according to the coach it was “a nice surprise.” She competed in the 55-meter and the 300-meter. “Unfortunately, she lost out on the last two meets of the season due to getting hurt,” said Cuesta,

Her best times were 7.93 for the 55-meter and 49.10 in the 300-meter race.


Pierson Wrestlers

Pierson juniors Kyle McGowan and Dane Riva, who wrestle for East Hampton, will compete at a tournament at Harbor Fields on Saturday. Coach Jim Stewart said if they qualify in the top three or four position, they would go to the county tournament the following weekend at the Nassau Coliseum. The coach said sophomores Christian Gonzales and Nico McMahon may also compete.