PHOTOS: Main Beach Plungers Welcome 2019 in Style

Hundreds of plungers took to the ocean off Main Beach in East Hampton on Tuesday, January 1, for the 17th annual East Hampton Polar Bear Plunge to benefit East End food pantries. Michael Heller photos

The 17th annual East Hampton Polar Bear Plunge was held at Main Beach in near perfect weather conditions, though there were some choppy waves to contend with on Tuesday, January 1. The event, which is organized by the East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue squad and the East Hampton Hurricanes swim team, is held on January 1 every year and benefits local food pantries. Express photographer Michael Heller was on the beach…and in the water.

Jane Brierley and Summer Jones were the winners of the Best Costume Contest.
A member of the East Hampton Ocean Rescue Team throws a rose into the sea in commemoration of the death of Ben and Bonnie Krupinski, whose plane crashed into the ocean earlier this year.
In a surprise, Spencer Granelli proposed to Shivali Khetan during the East Hampton Polar Bear Plunge on Tuesday.
Melina Sarlo races from the water during Tuesday’s Polar Bear Plunge.
Needless to say, the water temperature was cool for Tuesday’s annual plunge into the Atlantic Ocean.
James Amaden and his family were in the holiday spirit.