Peter Christopher Lindberg

Pete and Jenine Lindberg.
Pete and Jenine Lindberg.

Peter Christopher Lindberg, born to Francis “Lindy” and Barbara Lindberg on July 27, 1962, spent his childhood in the very family-oriented, loving community of Sag Harbor. Although Pete moved out of state from time to time, Sag Harbor always held a special place in his heart.

Known for his generosity and abilities to fix just about anything, Pete would also be the one to fix the “unfixable.” But Pete could do so much more than just figure things out and fix them! He had a big heart and loved helping people later in life. He learned a lot of life’s lessons like many of us the hard way, but eventually realized that helping others was what now made him happy.

In 2013, when Pete was first diagnosed with throat cancer, he remained stoic and kept working. Even when the cancer returned in 2016 and he had surgery to remove the lower left lobe, he kept working because “that’s what you do” and for us worriers, “I’m fine!”  He sure kept us all fooled because he loved his job at Landscape Designs, Inc. and you would have never known how much pain he was in most of the time.

Mark Moskowitz was a terrific boss and a good-hearted and intuitive man who really understood Pete. Mark gave Pete work he knew he could do even at his weakest, because he knew that was what made Pete happy. I’ve had requests from many of Pete’s friends who also wanted to express their love in this obituary for Pete. Although I cannot honor every request, I’d like to mention a few people who really made a difference for us, who made this journey a bit easier to navigate no matter what was thrown our way.

Cheri Lee Laviano comes to mind first. A childhood friend is quoted as saying how  impressive Pete’s work ethic was and how “that guy could fix everything from refrigeration to cars, tractors to bulldogs. If it was a challenge, he’d go for it!”  This knowledge and love for fixing things, Cheri added, came directly from Lindy, Pete’s dad, who owned a refrigeration company. Right up until the day before he died, he was still joking with Cheri, she recalled, and added that he was the sweetest, kindest, and most helpful person she knew.

During his illness, friends and family would come immediately when assistance was needed. Some friends lived out of state, such as Susie Field, his “sister” from Florida, his dearest friend and a wonderful, generous woman who never once let either one of us down. Pete and I were very grateful for the entire family’s visit in May of 2017, catching up with memories and good times.

Yet, through all of this, Pete was suffering — none of us had any idea how hard it was because he wouldn’t say. When the cancer ravaged the rest of his body he remained strong, yet it became obvious that although he had been fighting courageously for a very long time, he was tired of the fight.

Pete and his friends, Patrick Witty, Stacy Campsey, Joe Early, Mike Bistrian, Sheila Nilva, Mark Moskowitz, Todd Bishop, Marc McMahon and his wife, Cheryl, helped me fight this battle and I know without a doubt that if it wasn’t for them, I could not have provided the care he needed emotionally or physically.

A special mention to Stacy Campsey who also paid for a lot of his treatment that was “new” and not covered by insurance. She also always made time for me, to listen and give the support I desperately needed.

And Joe Early — ahh Joe, another “character” with a generous heart who, sometimes even at the crack of dawn, would come by with whatever help Pete or I needed.

Last but not least, I must pay tribute to Pete’s dearest friend since childhood: Patrick Witty. He was the foundation that held the three of us up — kept us from “falling apart” many times. Pete planned his own funeral with Patrick without my knowledge because he knew how hard it would be for me. Showing your loved ones that you love them is a lot harder than just saying you do. Pete was a man of action, he always did what he said he would and he always protected me the best he could.

When cancer ravaged the rest of his body in early June of 2017, all of us knew that although he fought the good fight, he was tired, and it was time to go home. He passed away at the Kanas Center in Quogue on June 21, 2017.

Even though Pete and I didn’t have much material-wise, we had each other, much love, and we laughed all the time!  Pete leaves a legacy not of money, but one of kindness and his generosity of spirit.

So, thank you to all, to the many, and I do mean many good-hearted people, whose lives were touched by Pete Lindberg,  this larger-than-life character who was warm and funny and had so much more to give!

Pete is survived by his loving sister Jackie who lives in St. Thomas with her husband and  two sons.

Thank you to all, who were always there with love in your heart and a helping hand for us both.

(Pete and) Jenine Lindberg