Party’s Over for Party House Owner

Southampton Town Hall

The owner of what has been described as a “party house” in Remsenburg was thrown in jail after failing to pay several fines racked up over the years and for continuing to rent his property in violation of a court order prohibiting him from doing so, Southampton Supervisor Jay Schneiderman’s office announced on Tuesday.

Michael Hurley, the 56-year-old owner of the home at 28 Club Lane failed to pay $15,000 in fines and was immediately ordered to the Suffolk County Jail for 90 days by Southampton Town Justice Deborah Kooperstein on Tuesday. The sentence stems from a party held at the house in 2014, when a man was seriously injured when he attempted to jump into a backyard pool from a second-story window. Police say there were 40 people in the house at the time.

According to town code enforcement investigators, since the initial party rental and incident, Mr. Hurley continued to rent his house on numerous weekends, violating a permanent injunction prohibiting him from doing so. Neighbors complained that parties went on to all hours of the night and that the atmosphere was destroying their peaceful neighborhood.

“This was a party house”, said Supervisor Jay Schneiderman. “We won’t tolerate this in any neighborhood in Southampton Town.”

The Southampton Town attorney successfully prosecuted Mr. Hurley for repeatedly violating the Town’s rental permit law. The town said after his rental permit was revoked, Mr. Hurley continued to rent the house.

He was found in contempt of the court last year when he violated a permanent injunction issued by a New York State Supreme Court judge. After paying $27,000 in fines, he continued to rent the property in violation of the rental law, the town said.

“It is our hope that violators of the town’s code understand that where there are repeated and blatant violations, we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Let this serve as a warning to others who would choose to rent out a home in violation of the Town’s rental laws,” stated Councilman Stan Glinka.

Mr. Hurley is due back in court later this year, and faces additional charges for continuing to rent his property this summer without a rental permit.