Partnership Earns Grant for SANS Survey


The Sag Harbor Partnership announced last week it has received a $4,600 grant from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation to partially fund a survey of homes and the cultural history of the SANS (Sag Harbor Hills, Azurest, and Ninevah subdivisions) neighborhoods in Sag Harbor. The Cultural Resource Survey is necessary for the neighborhoods to be considered for landmark status locally, or by the state or federal government.

The purpose of this Gardiner grant project is the kickoff Phase I of the SANS Cultural Resource Survey to document the over 60-year historic character of the SANS neighborhoods and to investigate the historic and cultural context that contributed to their origins. This survey is a first-step in documenting the unique history of this African American enclave and is a precursor to applying for inclusion in the National Register for Historic Districts.  While the SANS neighborhoods are within the village of Sag Harbor, they lie adjacent to and just outside of the boundaries of the Sag Harbor Village National Register Historic District.  The survey is also designed to capture the post-Jim Crow and Civil Rights era cultural and social interactions of the expanding African American social, political, economic class realities of the area’s residents and guests.

“The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation grant launched our efforts and partially funded SANS’ Intensive Cultural Resource Survey that will provide the necessary foundation and historic documentation to apply for National and State landmark recognition,” said Renee Simons, one of the founders of SANS. “We, in SANS, appreciate Sag Harbor Partnership’s support and collaboration in this effort.”