I AM Pairs ‘Water Musings’ with the East End

Art featured in “Water Musings” at White Room Gallery. Courtesy of the White Room Gallery.

I AM — an all-female creative collective and global pioneer of live art experiences and immersive dining — is rarely conventional, and never boring.

Following their trajectory of non-traditional performance settings, the group will come to The White Room Gallery for the first of a series of live art happenings: “Water Musings,” an ode to the artists’ profound fascination with the fluidity and power of water, on Saturday, July 21, at the Bridgehampton gallery.

“Guests can expect a trio involving poetry written on bodies showcased through dance, unique performance art duet inspired by a rain sound score, and a painting created live through body movement inspired by the ocean,” according to a press release. “Using fashion, dance, live art, and music, I AM transports people to a niche world of infinite imagination and redefines the exchange between audience and performer.”

Art featured in “Water Musings” at White Room Gallery. Courtesy of the White Room Gallery.

Created by American performance artist and director Kate March, I AM was founded in July 2013 in an effort to bridge the gap between commercial and experimental art by pairing various moods with food, drink, and performance entertainment — designing unforgettable, immersive, and emotionally stimulating concepts for a wide audience.

On August 18, the second event of the series will showcase just that, during one of their signature immersive dining experiences, “SAVAGE | BEAUTY.”

“Through improvisation, fearless interactions with the audience, and innovative choreography, I AM performers bring the intimate space of the White Room Gallery to life,” the press release said. “Expect the unexpected. That’s all we will say.”

Tickets to the July 21 performance, which starts at 6 p.m., are $50 and $100 for the August 18 dining experience, which begins at 7:30 p.m. To reserve and purchase seats, email iam@iam-dining.com or visit paypal.me/thewhiteroomgallery.