Over 30 Protesters Picket at the East Hampton Airport Friday


East Hampton Airport Protest

By Kathryn G. Menu; Photography by Laurie Barone-Schaefer

The Quiet Skies Coalition (QSC), an organization dedicated to addressing quality of life issues stemming from the East Hampton Airport, conducted a demonstration at the East Hampton Airport on Daniels Hole Road in Wainscott last Friday evening. The event drew more than 30 residents and QSC members from Sag Harbor, East Hampton, Springs, Wainscott and Noyac.

Residents carried signs, stood along Daniels Hole Road and at the tarmac exit hoping to raise the awareness of passengers and pilots that aircraft noise, particularly from helicopters, jets and seaplanes, has created a problem for some East End residents, said QSC chairwoman Kathy Cunningham in a press release issued Monday.

New to the protest this year were Rebecca Young and Bill Pickens of Sag Harbor Hills who, along with residents of Azurest and Ninevah and Merchants Path, are shouldering the biggest aircraft noise burden as a result of the new departure route brokered by the East Hampton Town Board to relieve the doubling of helicopter noise over Noyac last summer.

“The air traffic over our neighborhood has increased so much that it has negatively impacted our quality of life. We’d consider selling the house but this air traffic has decreased the value of our home,” said Becky Young.

“Route distribution is a losing strategy,” said Cunningham, “as the basic choice is to decide into which of your neighbor’s yards your going to throw your trash. Without meaningful access limits, someone is always going to be victimized by uncontrolled aircraft noise.”

“The only effective noise mitigation plan is to limit access to East Hampton Airport,” continued Cunningham. “In 16 short months, the East Hampton Town Board will legally be able to create reasonable aircraft noise policy by imposing curfews, limits on numbers and concentrations of flights and banning the noisiest aircraft altogether.”

The Quiet Skies Coalition will soon be publicizing results of town board candidates survey on airport noise issues.




  1. Hope they do something soon. Tired of all the helicopters & seaplanes disturbing the peace & quiet of the North Fork. I have probably called the helicopter complaint line several hundred times this summer alone.

  2. I wish air noise was one of my big problems. Unfortunately, I am too busy working and enjoying my life to sit home crying about such nonsense. People in this world are struggling merely to survive and I would feel like a fool complaining about such petty matters. Air traffic flies over my neighborhood throughout the day but I am grateful for the many blessings I have and for living in such a great place where people are free to fly if they choose .

  3. @Red: how can you assume that the noise is only affecting people of means? Your logic is flawed. And, I guarantee that if they were flying over your house, you’d be indignant: regardless of what kind and how much work you do…. Simply put: you’re wrong.

  4. Woe is you. The poor downtrodden folks of eastern Long Island. Imagine how the people in Queens living under the approach paths of LaGuardia and Kennedy feel. Aircraft noise is a part of their world every day, not just in summer, and they have to cope with it just like you.

    Thankfully the FAA doesn’t allow towns to regulate air traffic or we’d have ridiculous patchwork of inconsistent rules that would be unenforceable.

    It’s an airport. It was there when you moved into the neighborhood so you can’t claim you didn’t know there would be noise!