OLA Opens Office in East Hampton

Minerva Perez, executive director of OLA (Organización Latino-Americana).

Funded by donations and private foundation support, OrganizaciónLatino-Americana of Eastern Long Island (OLA) has opened an office in East Hampton Village for its full-time attorney and an administrative assistant.

OLA executive director Minerva Perez said in a news release she had made a point of avoiding the added expense of finding office space for OLA during her first three years at the helm.

“I chose to work from home and to enjoy collaborations with the many partners we have across the East End. I always managed to find a place to meet and to work,” she said. “Now that we have a dedicated human rights attorney, it is time to have an appropriate space for an advocacy office.”

Among the purposes of the office, Ms. Perez said, are conferences with lawyers, training sessions for volunteers and meetings with community members and with clients as needed. The office, located at the intersection of Newtown Lane and Main Street, is not a walk-in facility; those wishing to meet with OLA should call (631) 899-3441 for an appointment.