Noyac Bay Avenue Parking Restrictions May Be Lifted

Southampton Town Hall

The Southampton Town Board is weighing lifting seasonal parking restrictions on a segment of Noyac Bay Avenue in Noyac, with town officials saying the impetus for the change came from many area residents themselves.

“It’s usually the other way around, where the residents ask for no parking,” Southampton supervisor Jay Schneiderman said before opening a public hearing Tuesday. “It’s probably because they need the parking for their own properties.”

That’s exactly the sentiment expressed by Frank Greenwald, a 10-year resident of Noyac Bay Avenue. “There’s very little traffic and we would like to be able to do normal things that normal people in normal houses do,” Mr. Greenwald said. “Be able to have guests park in the street or the guy who cuts the grass. It sort of looks like a disaster with a sign every 100 feet.”

Tom Neely, director of public transportation and traffic safety, said the town received 27 letters in support of lifting the restrictions, and seven letters opposed. The restrictions would be lifted in front of the houses between Mill Road and an area approximately 100 feet from the end of the road. The last 100 feet of the road is currently an unrestricted parking area that can fit about five cars, Mr. Neely said, and no changes are proposed in that area.

Mr. Schneiderman said he anticipates holding a vote on lifting the “no parking” restrictions at an upcoming meeting.