North Haven ZBA Rejects Variances For Baum House

The Baum house at house at 59 Mashomack Drive.

The North Haven Zoning Board of Appeals on Tuesday, in a 3-2 vote, denied the application of Larry Baum’s 404A Bay Partners for front and side yard variances to allow the construction of a new house at 59 Mashomack Drive that would have a footprint 225 square feet larger than the house on the site now.

“I’m very disappointed,” Mr. Baum commented during the Zoom session in which the vote was conducted. “I don’t think the asks were that great.”

The North Haven resident, who lives two doors north of the site and testified he plans to move with his family to the new house, said the environmental benefits of the project far outweighed the impact of the variances.

Board Chairman Mark Poitras and member Scott Brooks voted against the denial, which found that Mr. Baum had rejected the option of building “a slightly smaller structure needing no variances” and so any zoning difficulty he faced was self-created.

The board majority also found in the decision that the environmental benefits of the project, including a nitrogen-reducing septic system and improved drainage to prevent runoff from reaching nearby wetlands, were now required by village code.