No Plans to Ditch Snow Removal Law

Snow removed from a sidewalk after the early January 2018 snowstorm. Christine Sampson photo

In response to a resident’s concern that fines for not removing snow from sidewalks may be a hardship for elderly village residents, Sag Harbor Mayor Sandra Schroeder said Wednesday the village has no plans to revisit its snow removal law.

Jeff Peters had raised the issue during the public comment portion of Tuesday’s board meeting, saying he had cleared snow free of charge for some senior citizens on fixed incomes who would have otherwise not have been able to shovel it or pay for it themselves, and who would have faced fines if the snow remained. He suggested fines be waived for the elderly or that the law be rescinded altogether.

“Some people are going to get fined and other people aren’t,” he said. “There’s got to be some clarity. It’s ridiculous, actually. These people are elderly.”

Ms. Schroeder said fines cannot be waived arbitrarily, because “a law on the books is a law on the books” and it must be enforced.

“We’re not looking to change anything based on one person’s opinions,” Ms. Schroeder said. “That would be a kind of tough sell for the rest of the village.”

Code enforcement officer Keith Payne said Wednesday that no fines were levied following the recent snowstorm.

— Christine Sampson