In Other News: Rebuilding Meridian, East Hampton Students Lend a Hand, Wainscott Walk-In Recognized


Large screws that will anchor concrete foundation are turned into the earth as construction begins on the McGinniss building on Main Street on Friday, 11/10/17. Michael Heller photo

Rebuilding After the Fire

Eleven months after it was destroyed in the December 16, 2016 fire, rebuilding began on the Main Street structure known as the “Meridian Building,” owned by James McGinniss, on Friday, November 10, as crews installed large screws that will anchor the concrete foundation of the three-story building.

From left, Naomi Blowe, Kate Estuye, Lateshia Peters, Sophie Flax (kneeling), Frank Bademci, Emily Chuya, Jackie Chuya, Construction Supervisor Ryan Parsons, Olivia Barris, Talia Albukrek and Cassady Czarnecki. Annette Hinkle photo

East Hampton Students Lend a Hand

On Saturday, November 4, a group of East Hampton High School students traveled to Bay Shore in western Suffolk to lend a hand by helping build a Habitat for Humanity home.

The project began last June when Girl Scout Troop 1768 hosted a Cardboard Campout on the high school grounds. Each of the Scouts, all juniors, invited a friend to join the campout. The students slept in cardboard wardrobe boxes donated by UPS and the group raised a total of $1,000 for Habitat for Humanity. The donation earned them a build day at the Bay Shore site.

Under direction of Suffolk Habitat for Humanity Construction Supervisor Ryan Parsons and Americorps volunteers, the students spent the day sawing, hammering and cutting as they worked with the crew to complete the supports for the flooring system for the new home.

At the end of the day, the students returned home with new set of building skills and a sense of great accomplishment.

Wainscott CAC Recognizes Wainscott Walk-In

Wainscott Walk-In Medical Care has been selected as the 2017 recipient of the Wainscott Citizen Advisory Committee’s Wainscott Business Community Service Award. The clinic was awarded for its commitment to providing services “that make Wainscott and our surrounding communities a better place for all,” the CAC said.

The CAC presented a plaque to staff at the clinic on Saturday, November 4. Wainscott Walk-In Medical Care is located at 83 Wainscott Northwest Road and is part of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s Meeting House Lane Medical Practice.

(From left) Susan Macy, Phillip Young, Rick Del Mastro, Frank Dalene, Barry Frankel, William B. Kerr, MD, Si Kinsella, Jose Arandia, Mercy Morocho, Kiana Ware, LPN, Carolyn Logan-Gluck, Hillary Levine, Virginia Edwards and Bruce Solomon at the Wainscott Walk-In. Courtesy of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital

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