New Owners of Ben Krupinski Builder Carry On Legacy

Suzee Foster Photo

Looking forward after the untimely death of notable East Hampton contractor and philanthropist Ben Krupinski, it was announced earlier this month that long-time business associates Stratton Schellinger and Ray Harden will carry on the company name and mission as the new owners of Ben Krupinski Builder. With 31 years and 16 years, respectively, of experience working with Krupinski, the pair aim to honor his legacy by continuing to provide their signature service to clients in the Hamptons, Manhattan, Westchester and Connecticut.

“We have always been known, first and foremost, for our ability to deliver the highest quality homes,” Schellinger, a Sag Harbor resident, says. “Our reputation is based on having the knowledge and resources to deliver these homes on the most aggressive schedules and with great attention to detail. Our projects and our clients have our commitment to excellence.”

Founded in 1986, Ben Krupinski Builder has locations in East Hampton, Southampton, and Old Greenwich, Connecticut. They are known for residential projects covering all sizes including estate homes, both elaborate traditional and modern designs, city dwellings, and modest renovations. Quality is of the utmost importance and something Schellinger and Harden, an East Hampton resident, say is felt the moment someone walks into one of the homes or structures they have built.

Speaking with admiration, Harden says Krupinski approached each project as if it were his own. “[Ben] would suggest different things to homeowners to make the projects better, even simple things, like ‘you need more storage space so let’s do a basement under the garage’ or ‘why not put the pool equipment in the basement,’” he recalls. “We will continue to make suggestions to homeowners to make things more practical for them.”

Understanding the value of industry relationships in bringing a project to life, Ben Krupinski Builder has a strong rolodex of affiliated architects and designers they have worked with over the years. Hamptons-based firms and architects include A+M+L Architecture, Bruce Nagel, Douglas Moyer, Anthony Vermandois, and James D’Auria Architects, among others. Together, it is a team effort with the common goal of delivering an end product that meets all of the client’s needs.

Building a home is both a special and personal endeavor. With this in mind, Schellinger highlights the importance of working as a team with industry partners. “We have great relationships with our architects and designers which number more than 50 for projects in the Hamptons, New York City, Westchester and Connecticut,” he says. “We have always worked well together because we want to deliver the best results for our clients.”

Though residential projects are their strong suit, Ben Krupinski Builder has put their signature touch on some notable public buildings on the South Fork as well. These include The Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, renovating Guild Hall for Visual and Performing Arts in East Hampton, building the Children’s Wing of East Hampton Library, rebuilding Scoville Community Hall in Amagansett, and restoring the George Fowler House in Springs.

“Ben wanted to take on and see these projects completed,” Harden says. “They are, what he’d say, ‘good for the community’ or because ‘this is where I grew up.’ He very much liked giving back especially where he felt we could make a difference.”

Schellinger adds, “We put our heart and soul into every project. It is especially rewarding to have these notable projects. The difference between these and private projects is the public gets to see them.”

Ben Krupinski Builder is located at 99 Newtown Lane in East Hampton, 241 County Road 39A in Southampton and 13 Arcadia Road Suite 12 in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. For more information, visit