Need Southerly Route


We think the towns all got it right this time. We agree that Senator Schumer’s plan for mitigating helicopter traffic and noise may be satisfactory to residents in Nassau and western Suffolk, but the residents on the East End — and particularly those in Noyac, North Sea, Sag Harbor and North Haven — will continue to be unfairly victimized unless the proposal is changed.

Schumer’s plan takes helicopters out over Long Island Sound until they hit Shoreham, where they can then cross land to get to the local airports. The problem is the route to East Hampton Airport takes them right over our homes.

We understand that we need to allow traffic to the local airport, but what the Schumer proposal doesn’t account for is a second, southerly route, that would also send air traffic out over the ocean to cross over Georgica to get to the airport. We’re prepared to accept our share of the burden if our neighbors south of the highway are ready to accept their’s.

The Schumer plan, while well intentioned, is simply inadequate. But that is easily remedied if a southerly route is added into the legislation (East Hampton Airport managers have already been urging copter pilots to come in over the ocean to reduce the burden to the north). While the public comment period is officially over, let your local, state and federal officials know that you don’t want to bear all the burden of helicopter traffic.