Need Full Board (9/20/12)


The Sag Harbor Village Board of Trustees is minus one member after Tim Culver resigned from the board this summer when his family moved to North Haven Village. Since Culver’s departure, his seat has remained vacant and it appears as of now Sag Harbor Mayor Brian Gilbride has no wish to replace him.

While we appreciate that Culver brought a lot of vigor and intellect to the village board and he will be missed, we think allowing his seat to remain vacant for the next nine months places the village at a disadvantage at a time when it needs the most leadership.

The reality is this year we will continue to see the development of two enormous building projects – the Watchcase Factory condominiums and the expansion of the John Jermain Memorial Library – as well as continued discussions about the future of the Sag Harbor Village Police Department. This winter Havens Beach is slated to be remediated, should all go as planned and it rarely does, and the village will likely be wrestling with a conversation about whether or not it should consider passenger ferry service off of Long Wharf in the long run.

In other words, this is a busy, and important, time for local village government. And not, in our estimation, a time when Sag Harbor residents can afford to have less than a full five members representing them as the board contends with such a heavy agenda.