Nancy Lazar

  Nancy Lazar, born May 18, 1957, died just after dawn on Thursday, August 14, 2014. She is survived by her husband, Peter Lazar, a crew of loving children — Morgan, Chris, his wife Kristina, Jen, and her husband Daniel — and a tireless community of friends and colleagues.
Mrs. Lazar was equally as tough as she was warm-hearted, said her family.
  “She was strong, brave and caring. She battled advanced cancer for over four years and taught many of us how to do so with grace. Her children tried to convince her to write a book entitled ‘Top 10 Ways to Look Hot While You Have Cancer’ and chronicle her recipe for success: get your hair done, dress fashionably, walk three miles every day, always have a pedicure, go to China because you want to, dance on New Year’s, spend every Thursday night on the beach with friends and wake up every morning to say to yourself in the mirror, ‘You’re beautiful. I love you.’”
Mrs. Lazar was notorious for starting food fights, said the family, waking people up early on their birthday, staying up late to watch thunderstorms and jumping out of the closet to scare you.
  “She was a dedicated gardener who loved to spend hours under the sun growing vegetables, which she used to prepare huge and delicious meals,” the family said. “Alongside her family life, Nancy pursued her career in graphic design with tenacity and creativity, and modeled for many young women, including her daughters, how to do so with self-confidence and knowledge of her own self-worth. Nancy’s spirit and favorite traditions will be carried on by her family and friends, but she will be missed immensely,” wrote the family.
During the last year of her life, Mrs. Lazar and her family received support from Lucia’s Angels, a foundation committed to supporting women and their families through late stages of terminal cancer. In lieu of flowers, her family would like to encourage people to donate to this network. More information can be found online Please contact Susie Roden at with questions.