Morpurgo House Sold to New Developers

Restoration of the Morpurgo house began on July 17, 2017. Christine Sampson photos
Restoration of the Morpurgo house began on July 17, 2017. Christine Sampson photos

By Christine Sampson

A little over a year after they purchased it at public auction for $1.325 million, the three developers who purchased the dilapidated Morpurgo house at 6 Union Street have already sold it.

Mitch Winston of Amagansett, Mark Egerman of Beverly Hills and his son, Lee Egerman, sold the property three weeks ago for an undisclosed amount of money.

Its new owner is Breskin Development, whose founder, Max Breskin, and director, Rob Walford, brought in crews to begin the work on July 17.

“In putting together an experienced team to restore 6 Union, we met the principals of Breskin Development,” Mark Egerman wrote in an email to The Express on Friday. “They are top level builders and were very excited about the project. We collectively determined that it was best for them to own and be in full control of the redevelopment as they are experienced builders and developers. We look forward to working with them as they redevelop 6 Union while we renovate the neighboring 5 Jefferson property.”

While Breskin Development has several other current residential projects on the South Fork, Mr. Walford said in an interview this is their firm’s first historic restoration project.

“It’s exciting. We want to be able to bring the house back to the state it deserves to be in,” he said. “It’s a legacy that will be here for another 250 years, hopefully. I’d like to think that everyone’s going to be pleased with what we’re doing.”

Workers have been removing and storing the house’s historic components for rehabilitation and, later, replacement or repurposing. He said he expects the process to take about a year. When it’s complete, Mr. Walford said, the intent is to sell the two-and-a-half story house — which will then blend traditional Italianate architecture with newer internal features and functions, such as an elevator and a yoga deck.

“Hopefully we’ll find a nice family who wants to live here,” he said.

Along the way, Breskin Development will consult with local and regional experts in historic preservation and restoration.

“The house deserves to be beautiful,” Mr. Walford said.