Men’s Softball Starts 51st Season


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By Benito Vila

From the way the ospreys were perching in their nest on the left centerfield light tower in Mashashimuet Park Monday and Tuesday, it could be their choice of “home” was no accident.; it could just be they’re softball fans.

With the first two nights of the 51st Sag Harbor Mens’ Modified Fastpitch Softball League being played beneath them, the “mother” and “father” birds seemed glad to have games to watch again.

So far, what they’ve seen probably has them a little perplexed, the ball flying further than when they watched the Pierson girls play this spring. But otherwise the three-outs-and-change-sides bit is somewhat familiar to them just as the outcomes have been somewhat typical for those who follow the league.

Defending champion T&S Mott opened their season against the Hysterical Society in the 7 p.m. “early” game Tuesday and used a 10-run inning and an 8-run inning to mercifully end the contest after five frames, Mott up 22-4. The birds had good views of aggressive baserunning by the Mott side and a long and high Mike Labrozzi home run.

They also saw Sag Harbor Liquors, last year’s runner-up, unleash a booming barrage in the 8:45 p.m. “late” game Monday, back-to-back-to-back blasts in the third imming by Chris Schiaffino, Brian Anderson and Andy Tuthill putting Liquors ahead for good in a 21-6 drubbing of Beyel Plumbing and Heating.

The opening game Monday matched up the new Immaculate Pool team with last year’s fourth place finisher, Southampton Publick House. Though the final went 9-6 Immaculate, it seems an admittedly missed call by the umpire put Publick House in a pinch, Immaculate’s Chris Duffy coming through with a 3-run inside-the-park home run to close out a four-run fourth.

Perhaps the blown call keeping Detroit Tiger pitcher Armando Gallaraga from a “perfect game” last week taught all sides a lesson, neither team, or the umpire, charged up or visibly upset afterwards.

Regardless, the Publick House team was back on the field Tuesday late, and came away with their record even, outscoring Decker’s Scrubs 12-9. Bruce Sander pitched Publick to the win and banged out two dingers with teammate Zac Kirby also blasting one out.

Games This Week

Wednesday night’s schedule called for Liquors to meet Immaculate early and Mott to take on Beyel late. Tonight has Hysterical in as the home team against the Scrubs at 7 p.m. in the only game scheduled.

That may disappoint the park’s feathered guests, but they’ll have full slate again on Monday, Mott at the Scrubs early and Beyel at Hysterical late. Publick is the visitor versus Liquors early on Tuesday and the Scrubs come in to play Immaculate late. Publick and Beyel pair up early next Wednesday with Hysterical at Liquors late.