“Meet the Heroes” at Page Restaurant on Sunday


Thumbing through photos of the Sag Harbor fire that devastated much of Main Street on December 16, Joseph Traina, the owner of Page at 63 Main, said he felt an overwhelming desire to do something. The blaze destroyed several buildings, including the front portion of the Sag Harbor Cinema.

“We lost a part of our village’s fabric,” Mr. Traina said on Wednesday. “Everyone in Sag Harbor is trying to pitch in and do something. The first and most obvious thing we can do is show gratitude to the volunteers that take care of us, look after us, and our village.”

On Sunday, January 8, Page at 63 Main will host a fundraiser for the Sag Harbor Fire Department. The fire department from will host a private event from 3 to 5 p.m. at which emergency service workers who helped fight the blaze will enjoy complimentary refreshments. At 5 p.m., the restaurant will open its doors so members of the public can “meet the heroes” and thank them for their commitment to the community,” Mr. Trainia said.

Residents will also be encouraged to make donations to the department at the event.

“Sometimes these volunteers get overlooked in the shuffle of daily village business,” said Mr. Trainia. “And these men and women are just incredible. This is an opportunity for us to come together and show our gratitude, and hopefully inspire them to keep doing what they do.”

Mr. Trainia noted that the fire department’s board of wardens uses the funds to support a number of local causes including the Sag Harbor Veterans of Foreign War, the American Legion, the Sag Harbor Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Sag Harbor Little League, local scouting organizations, and the Pierson robotics team, among other groups.

“They have a small amount of money to work with, and this benefit will allow them to continue the good work that they do that really strengthens the fabric of this community in a way that often is unnoticed or unknown,” he said.

Michael Heller will also have prints of his photographs f the fire available for sale with the proceeds also benefiting the fire department.

Crowd-funding sites were set up to aid two tenants of an apartment in the Meridian Building, which was torn down after the fire, and last week a new fundraising effort began for Tisha Collette and Shane Dyckman, the owners of Collette Luxury Consignment and SagTown Coffee. The building that housed those businesses suffered significant damage, forcing both to close. According to the crowd-funding site, crowdrise.com, the money raised from the latest effort will support the businesses’ employees and help rebuild the businesses.