Meditative and Eclectic, ‘WAVY’ Marries Art and Geometry

Photo by Jennifer DiSunno

Sabra Moon Elliot uses a simple starting point. Most recently, it’s been the triangle.

Then, she builds a world of geometries, a language of shapes that multiplies and evolves with each new painting.

“Within the limitations of geometric repetition, I’m exploring ways to show a type of balance,” the artist said in a statement. “Through disrupting order there is movement and equilibrium. This duality between structure and fluidity is a force that can be found in all living things.”

Elliot is one of two artists to be on view in “WAVY,” opening with a reception on Saturday, August 18, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Tripoli Gallery, located at 30a Jobs Lane in Southampton. Together with Mary Heilmann, the bodies of work create a conversation that links the intuitive with the taught, cultivating “a sense of convergence within each artwork, an indicator that their works are just as much an expression of the external world as they are materialized from within,” according to a press release.

Photo by Jennifer DiSunno

A dynamic play between color and shape, artist Mary Heilmann expresses her world in abstraction. Each work tells a unique story, with sides that often extend beyond or cut into the artwork’s boundaries. Loose brushstrokes of paint fill in these compositions, sometimes overlapping or dripping, emphasizing the idiosyncrasies in each work.

Her amorphous works in clay also suggest something earthlike, or even a foreign planetary object, the press release said.

“‘WAVY’ unites the work of two neighboring artists who merge the geometric with the gestural. Equally visual as it is verbal, the title ‘WAVY’ illustrates the universally understood language of shapes and colors, a language that precedes the words used to interpret it,” the release explains. “This idea is mirrored in the works of Mary Heilmann and Sabra Moon Elliot, as both artists use titles to invite verbal understandings. Using repetition as a tool for creation, each artist’s work evolves from a series of choices, a process meditative and focused, yet unbound to any rules.”

The show will remain on view through September 24. For more information, call (631) 377-3715 or visit